Powered Air Sandblasting Helmet

Powered Air Sandblasting Helmet

Type: PRF-102RPS1
Product Name: Powered Air purifying Sandblasting Helmet
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Product Details

PRF-102RPS1is specially designed, helmet with tippet integration. The tippet materials is nylon with PVC composite. Helmet materials is glass fiber reinforced  with PP composite. The product materials light and sandblasting shock resistance, corrosion  resistance, climate change resistance etc.The helmet provides double-deck wide window. easily changed lens. A breath tube is inside the hood, which supply special air flow that is anti-fog. It can also protect the whole head from dust, sand. The headband is adjustable, light in weight, comfortable in wearing, high in working efficiency. The powered air purifying system can supply purified air into the sand blasting hood consecutively. It is the best choice to provide protection from pneumoconiosis and occupation diseases. Air flow is huge, 170-300L/Min, adjustable (clockwise regulate big flow and anti-clockwise regulate small flow). Battery can supply power 6 to 20 hours consecutive operation, if air flow regulate maximum, the lithium battery can work for 6 hours continuously, while air flow regulate minimum, 20 hours. If work over 6-20 hours consecutively, a backup battery is needed. It will buzz automatically when power is low to remind recharging.

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