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Prf-103rm3 consists of main engine, breathing tube and head hood.

Host waterproof design, stand up to rigorous cleaning and disinfection, can spray disinfection, splash, can use at the same time 2-3 particulate and gas filter, filter is installed outside the body, replacement of filter is convenient, lithium-ion battery pack inside the machine installation, operation accessibility, charging hole is outside the body, the charging is convenient, also can take out the battery, replace the battery pack is convenient, the host has power on display LCD screen, battery percentage and quantity, at the same time, according to can observe the battery power consumption, and low battery alarm function, the host has air volume on the adjusting knob, step-less adjustable speed, large clockwise and anticlockwise down, Equipped with flow meter to detect air volume .When the battery is full, the respirator can work continuously for 6-20 hours (the maximum air volume can supply power continuously for more than 6 hours, and the minimum air volume can supply power continuously for 20 hours).CE certification, CE EN12941. EN12942.

Main engine: the main engine fan is brushless motor with dc speed regulation, operating life more than 20000 hours.

noise: less than 55 db, fan revolution: (adjustable) 5000 RPM --10000 RPM.

Voltage: dc 12V, current (adjustable) 0.25a -- -0.8a.

The air supply after adding filter to the main engine is 160L/ min -- 280min/min.

The overall weight of the main engine: 1100g (including lithium battery pack without filter)

Filter:There is a double layer of HEPA in the HEPA filter, and the intermediate layer is highly efficient catalytic activated carbon, which can prevent all kinds of particles, particulate, fog, smoke, etc., with a filtration efficiency of 99.7% and filtration accuracy of 0.3 micron. Standard RD40 interface.

Filter seal life: 3 years.

HEPA filter weight: 150g/piece.

Breathing tube: German TPU material, strong, odorless, spring-type corrugated breathing tube, good bending, stretching freely between 0.6-1.3m, suitable for people of different height.

Breathing tube weight: 200g.

Battery: polymer lithium ion battery, small self-discharge, no memory effect, can be charged at any time, the battery has over current protection and automatic temperature control switch .

Battery capacity: 4800MAH, 53.28wh voltage: dc 11.1v.

Battery cycle life: 500 cycles.

Battery pack weight: 340 grams. The lithium battery is installed in the machine, which can be recharged outside the host machine, or the battery can be taken out for recharging.

Charger: intelligent, can be charged at will, will not overcharge, will not affect the battery life.

Input voltage: 100-240v AC, 50/60hz, output voltage: 12.6v DC, 1500MA.It can also be used as a power converter.

Air supply head hood: waterproof design, can spray cleaning, composite material, strong and durable, can be repeatedly cleaned, long service life, optical lens PC, no vertigo, big Windows, anti-fog process, and the head cover with air supply pipe directly against the lens blowing, from top to bottom airflow, effectively avoid lens fog .T he hood is light, 320 grams.

Flow meter: PC transparent material, impact resistance.

Belt: nylon material, strong and durable, with waist cushion and shoulder strap.

Each configuration list:

1. Main engine system (including lithium battery pack, comfortable belt and shoulder belt, etc.)2. 3 high-efficiency particulate and gas filters;3. One spring-type corrugated breathing tube;4. One waterproof air supply head hood;5. One smart charger;6. One flowmeter;7. One spare connection wire;8. One manual;9. One certificate of qualification.

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