Full Mask

Full Mask

Type: PRF-M4
Product Name: full face mask
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Product Details

1. Usage and Characteristics

This product is a negative pressure dust and gas proof half mask, suitable for industry, agriculture, research institutions, transportation, energy resources and other dusty and poisonous conditions. Operator can choose suitable filter and eyeshade according to the working condition. The mask is made of silica gel without poison , smell and stimulation to skin, light in weight, comfortable in wearing, easy in using, remarkable in air tightness, less breathing resistance, favorable sound transmitting, long using life, high filtrating efficiency, low resistance, 0.3μm filtrating precision and 98% filtrating efficiency. It allows people to work easily and pleasantly in conditions with exceed concentrations and/or hazard compound. It is the best choice for people work pleasantly, high efficiently, safety, and provides protection from occupation diseases.

2. Installation

Before installation, Check whether the full mask is cracking, tearing or dirty; whether the airtight parts are out of shape. The material should be soft but not rigid, and the head band should be resilient. Intake valve (in both sides of the mask) should be in good condition without dust or cracking.

Please check between the air intakes and outlet whether there is a white silica gel gasket circle in each air intakes and outlet. Please make sure each gasket circle is installed properly before use. This is of great importance.

Please choose appropriate filters according to the working conditions. Please confirm again that all the silica gel gasket circles are properly installed. Rotate anticlockwise to remove the round cap on the top of the filter, then unclose the black tighten gasket in the filter bottom, after that please aim the interface with screw thread of the filer at the interface with screw thread of the air intake, then rotate clockwise tighten.

Wearing the mask, firstly adjust the head belt then the belt in the back to suitable place. And then fully cover the face with mask. Then cover the breathing hose intake (with needle interface) with palm, breath gently, then operator should feel the mask concave and close to the face, while should not feel the air leaking in between face and mask. Otherwise, check the headband again and tight rotates the filter cap till sealed.

There are three choices of filters: 103HD, 103W, 103G.

3. Cautions

This product is unsuitable to anoxic (i.e. oxygen content less than 18%) or explosive operating conditions, or IDLH concentration (Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health) or groove and pots like close containers. If the mask or valves are cracking, tearing or dirty, please do not use. If feel uncomfortable, high resistance or ill odors, operator should leave the working place and check the mask or change a new filter.

After use, take out the filter, then use clean water (without any organic solvent, or it will affect the effectively) to wash the hood, then install the airtight gasket in the interface of the hood, dry out in clean environment. After dried, please check the air tightness of intake and outlet valves, and the completeness of the gasket inside of screw interfaces. Put it away in a clean place.

After taking out the round filter, use soft dry cloth or paper to wipe the outer of filter (not washable inside). Tight rotate the cab clockwise after cleaned. Close the black airtight gasket plug, preserved in clean condition for next use.

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