What Kind Of Gas Mask Can Prevent Formaldehyde

- Oct 15, 2019-

Formaldehyde is a colorless, pungent organic substance. It is harmful to people's respiratory system and human skin. Prolonged exposure can cause respiratory illness and can also cause cancer. So how can we avoid being harmed by formaldehyde? What kind of gas mask can prevent formaldehyde?

It is also best to use a full face mask for the gas mask, because the full face mask protects the eyes and the entire face, not only making the breath safe, but also avoiding the irritation of skin contact. You can choose the Golden Shield 818 full face mask, and use it with the Golden Shield A type No. 3 canister.

Formaldehyde can seriously threaten the health of the human body. Therefore, workers who often “work with formaldehyde” must take safety measures and choose a gas mask correctly to avoid continuous operation for a long time.