What Environment Can Not Use Long Tube Respirator

- Oct 30, 2019-

There are many restrictions on the use of long-tube respirators, so I will summarize them.

1. Do not use long tube respirators if you do not agree with instruction manual.

2. Long tube respirators must be used in accordance with the complete respirator procedure, including inspections and tests.

3. Ensure that the gas supply source is in a safe and pollution-free environment.

4. Please do not use in an environment where the oxygen concentration is lower than 19.5%.

5. Do not use long-tube respirators in an immediate health hazard environment that may pose an immediate threat to life or health or a serious exposure to airborne contaminants that may pose a direct threat or may have adverse adverse effects on life and health.

7. Long tube respirators should not be used in any way that does not match the recommendations. Recommendations include packaging labels and or material safety data sheets, or documents provided by the manufacturer or raw material supplier.

8. Do not use long tube respirators in excessive dusty environments.