What Are The Characteristics Of The Air Supply Long Tube Respirator?

- Oct 10, 2019-

The air supply long tube respirator is composed of an electric blower, a long ventilation tube and a full face mask. Compared with the general self-priming long tube respirator, the air supply long tube respirator mainly adds an electric blower, electric The function of the blower is to transmit the safe and fresh air from the outside to the full-face gas mask through the long ventilation tube. Since the air supply volume of the general blower is slightly larger than the consumption of the human breath, this keeps the full face mask in the gas mask. The pressure state, so the air supply long tube respirator can also be called a positive pressure air supply long tube respirator.

Some people ask if the person's face can withstand the pressure inside the mask. In fact, everyone can care about this problem. Because the gas mask is made of silicone material, the texture is soft. When the pressure inside the mask reaches a certain level, it will be anti-virus. The edge of the mask opens a little gap to relieve pressure, and the mask id pressure is completely within the reach of the human body.