Wear The Dust Mask Correctly

- Nov 05, 2019-

1. Wear a mask

Place the lower jaw on the bottom of the imported nasal mask, attach the mask to the face as a whole, and pull the headband back and forth across the forehead.

2. Wear the headband

Pull the center of the headband back as far as possible to allow the mask to stick to the face.

3. Adjust the headband sequentially

Adjust the headband at the lower cheeks first, then adjust the upper headband until it is tight and comfortable. Be careful not to adjust too tightly to avoid discomfort to the head.

4. Negative pressure air tightness test

Hold the air valve by hand, inhale vigorously, hold your breath, and see if the mask leaks. It can be used without leaking. Otherwise, please re-adjust the headband and mask position and test again until no more air leaks.

5. Finally, remove the anti-virus mask

Pull the full head with the lock and pull the headband. Lift up the full face and push it forward slowly to remove the mask.


Many of the main components of the dust mask are fibers that cannot be cleaned and recycled.

It can also play a role in anti-bacterial action to prevent virus damage; it also has anti-virus, deodorant, filter bacteria, dust-proof and other effects.

Expired masks are stained with viruses and bacteria, which is not conducive to the health of the respiratory tract, so you must use a dust mask during the validity period.