Use Of Positive Pressure Breathing Apparatus

- Nov 11, 2020-

1. It is recommended that two or more operators work together.

2. This device is only used for the protection of the respiratory system. Special protective equipment should be worn when operating under special conditions.

3. In use, when the mask is misaligned due to collision or other reasons, you should immediately hold your breath and reset the mask in time, but keep the mask close to your face and never pull the mask from your face. Evacuate the scene immediately.

4. Check the pressure gauge frequently, pay attention to the remaining air volume, and estimate the time to take over. After hearing the alarm, leave the job site quickly.

5. The steps to take off the mask are as follows:

1) Make sure that you have left the contaminated environment or are in an environment that no longer requires respiratory protection.

2) Press the air supply switch button on the air supply valve to close the air supply valve.

3) Pinch the headband buckles on the left and right sides of the mask and pull it forward to loosen the headband and take off the half mask from the bottom to the top.

Warning: If you take off the mask and close the air supply valve and fail to stop the free flow of air from the air supply valve, immediately close the gas cylinder valve to prevent the remaining compressed air in the cylinder from leaking. And mark the air supply valve for repair by maintenance personnel.

6. Unload equipment

Use your thumb to press the notch in the middle of the belt buckle and chest belt, gently press down to separate the buckles; then use your fingers to buckle up the lower ends of the adjustment buckles on the left and right shoulder belts, loosen the shoulder belts, and hook both hands at the same time Hold the shoulder straps, lift up and unload the equipment from the shoulders.

7. Close the cylinder valve

Turn the cylinder valve handwheel clockwise to close the cylinder valve.

8. System deflation

Press the center of the air supply valve cover to release the remaining air in the pipe.

Warning: When taking off, do not let the air breathing apparatus fall from your body. Otherwise it will damage the air breathing apparatus and even cause casualties. When the air breathing apparatus is not in use, the cylinder valve must be closed.