Type Of Long Tube Respirator

- Oct 15, 2019-

The long tube respirator can select different components according to the use and site conditions, and be equipped with a variety of different combination devices, which can be divided into two types: air supply type and air compressor type.

(1) air supply respirator. Air supply respirator is to draw air from the clean environment for people to breathe through mechanical power or human lung power. According to different air supply modes, it can be divided into manual air supply, electric air supply and self-priming long pipe type. The structure of the three kinds of respirators is the same, the difference is the way of air supply.

1) manual air supply respirator. The utility model is characterized in that no power supply is needed, the fan blades are manually rotated to supply air, the micro positive pressure is formed in the mask due to the air supply, and the external polluted air is not

It can enter the overall cover. When using the manual air supply respirator, the manual fan shall be placed in a clean air place to ensure that the air supplied is clean air without pollution. As the manual fan needs manual operation, it needs two people to rotate.

Electric air supply respirator

2). It is characterized by unrestricted use time, large gas supply, and can be used by 1-5 people. The air supply volume depends on the number of people and the length of the air duct.

Self-priming long tube respirator

3). The respirator fixes one end of the airway in a fresh and pollution-free place, while the other end is connected with the mask. The clean air is sucked into the face through the airway and the suction hose by relying on the wearer's own lung power

Inside the hood.

Because of its own lung power, it can not always maintain micro positive pressure in the mask during the process of breathing. If the pressure in the mask drops to a micro negative pressure, it may cause external pollution of air into the mask. Therefore, this kind of respirator should not be used in the place with great poison damage. Before use, the air tightness shall be strictly checked. When it is used in dangerous places, it must be supervised by the second person. After use, it shall be cleaned, checked and kept for standby. In addition, the airway should be straight and not too long to avoid increasing suction resistance.

Air breathing apparatus. Air breathing apparatus

(2) it is a kind of protective equipment that uses air compressor or high-pressure bottle air as mobile air source, reduces high pressure to medium pressure through pressure regulating device, and then sends gas to face mask through air conduit and suction hose for the wearer to breathe.