Type And Use Of Protective Mask

- Oct 20, 2019-

Protective masks are used to shield the face from damage from flying metal debris, harmful gas splashes, molten metal and high-temperature solvent droplets. Protective masks are classified into anti-strike masks, radiation masks, chemical-resistant liquid splash masks, smoke-proof gambling masks, and heat-insulating masks.

Anti-strike masks are mostly used for turning, milling, planing, grinding, rock drilling and other operations. The mask is made of transparent plexiglass, material or metal mesh to prevent high-speed dust particles such as metal shavings and sandstone from hitting the face.

The radiation protection mask is suitable for a variety of welding operations. The mask is made of thick steel cardboard, which is tough and light in weight, good in insulation and heat resistance. The mask has an observation port and is embedded in the shading goggles. In order to facilitate the operation, the mask has both a head-mounted type and a hand-held type, and the observation hole also has two types of timing and flipping.

The chemical splash mask is mainly used to prevent liquids such as acid and alkali from injuring the face, and most of them are made of plexiglass.

The anti-smoke gambling mask is suitable for small gambling operations, such as a bitumen-like dust mask, a helmet-faced shield made of artificial leather, a glass observation hole and a filter mask that can replace the filter material to prevent facial dermatitis due to contact with asphalt dust. And pharyngitis.

Insulation masks are suitable for fire protection, metallurgy, glass, ceramics and heat treatment. The heat shield is composed of aluminum foil heat insulation cloth and glass helmet. It has good reaction to radiant heat, soft texture, waterproof and aging resistance.