The Role Of Long Tube Respirators In Safe Operation

- Nov 05, 2019-

It is their duty to have such a group of staff who work long hours in the harsh environment to ensure the smooth flow of underground water pipes for thousands of households. And their safety work also needs protection. In some places, the Municipal Facilities Authority has added new technology facilities to ensure the safe operation of dredgers.

The staff said: "In the past, the sewer was unreasonable. It was judged by experience. We often need to look inside the sewer. The smell is suffocating. Now with this equipment, we have less time to smell the nose in the sewer. More." The reason why this equipment is installed on the road is because it can not withstand the harsh environment in the sewer. It will affect the service life when installed in the sewer.

With this long tube respirator, it is only necessary to introduce the gas to be monitored from the sewer into the equipment. The instrument can quickly monitor the gas change. If there is an abnormality, the exhaust pump will be started immediately to reduce the concentration of flammable and explosive gas. If it does not fall, the Municipal Municipal Equipment Administration Monitoring Center will immediately tell the dredgers to go to the scene to eliminate the danger. With such equipment, the dredger can take the world from the cumbersome routines and concentrate on the dangers. And before the dredging man goes down to eliminate the danger, he can also know the concentration of the gas in the well.