The Difference Between A Safety Mask Half Mask And A Full Face Mask

- Oct 30, 2019-

The safety mask is mainly used to protect our face, and the protective mask is a kind of industrial protection.

In our living environment, it is inevitable that there will be some accidents. When the living environment encounters biological or chemical threats, this requires a gas mask to protect the safety of the person. The gas mask is also called a respirator. It is also one of the most common safety devices in industrial safety, and it can provide comprehensive protection for the human body. When the staff wears it, it can separate the harmful substances in the air such as dust and paint sprayer, so that it can not contact the body and the respiratory tract, so as not to cause harm to the body.

Although some people have not used gas masks, they have been seen on TV or other channels, that is, a rubber mask that is close to the face, and is equipped with a certain filter cartridge. The mask can shield the nose and mouth, and the mask can also be used for air purification. However, when using it, we have to make different choices depending on the environment of the chemical or biological agent. A single anti-virus mask is also used. It is called a half-mask mask, because some masks expose the eyes, so they do not provide adequate protection.

Because the eyes are also very sensitive to chemicals, it is easy for bacteria to enter the body to form damage. In this case, a full-faceted gas mask is needed. Such a gas mask can be divided into a transparent face and an eye transparent mask. Both types of masks protect the eyes, but in harsh environments, all air purifying breathing tanks are required, so that the breathing gas can be purified. Any leaks in the mask will be used during use. Causes great danger and damage to the respiratory tract and facial skin.