The Background Of The Heated Air Supply Mask

- Oct 26, 2020-

With the increasing haze, traditional masks will have difficulty breathing during use due to the resistance generated by the filter layer. In order to solve the above problems, there are currently active mask products on the market. The air supply mask is usually equipped with a fan on the main body of the mask, and the fan sends air to the inside of the mask to ensure the comfort of the mask in use. However, when using the air supply mask in low temperature weather, the cold air will directly enter the human respiratory system for a long time, making the user experience poor and easily causing respiratory diseases; in addition, the water vapor exhaled by the user is easy to condense on the filter layer inside the cold mask , Resulting in poor filtering effect of the mask.

Therefore, there is a need to provide a new heatable ventilation mask, which heats the cold air entering the inside of the mask, reduces the irritation of the cold air to the user, and prevents the water vapor exhaled by the user from condensing on the inner filter layer of the mask.