Steps To Use Positive Pressure Respirator

- Nov 10, 2020-

1. The air respirator can be put into use after careful inspection and proper wear. Pay attention to the alarm signal from the alarm at all times during use, and leave the scene immediately when you hear the alarm sound.

2. Before entering a contaminated or unclear environment, a certain work plan should be made to ensure that the air in the cylinder is sufficient to ensure that the user enters the accident area to perform tasks and can return to the safe area .

3. During use, you should always observe the reading of the pressure gauge and estimate the remaining use time. In any case, the user must make sure that there is enough air in the cylinder to ensure that he can withdraw from the contaminated area to a place that does not require respiratory protection. .

4. If some of the air in the cylinder is used up and intend to enter the accident area again, some users must ensure that the remaining air is sufficient to perform the task and be able to return to the safe area.

Warning: Before entering a potentially dangerous or unclear environment, the user must ensure that there is a sufficient amount of air in the cylinder to ensure enough time to complete the rescue mission and return to a safe environment. Cylinders that are not filled with air can only be used in emergency situations.