Product Description Of Oxygen Hood

- Nov 23, 2020-

Product description: This product is a new product designed for newborns and patients who cannot breathe independently. The transparent shell, easy to operate, easy to clean, and beautiful in design, provides a comfortable oxygen inhalation environment for newborns. Fully transparent design: Medical staff can treat and care for patients without moving the oxygen inhalation hood, always maintain the oxygen-rich environment in the hood, and have sufficient resistance to fight, not easy to break, easy to disassemble and clean. Access hole: It is the channel for intravenous infusion tube, blood oxygen and ECG protective wire. Silicone curtain: There is a soft cushioning device at the head hole to avoid head (body) injury. It can be used for babies of different body shapes and can maintain a high oxygen concentration and humidity in the oxygen hood. Multiple uses: older babies can be covered from above the neck for hoods; smaller babies can be covered on their bodies and used as body covers. Air guide valve: The standard air guide valve is suitable for 5-9mm oxygen catheters. The unique design of the air guide valve allows the oxygen entering the oxygen inhalation hood to diffuse along the inner wall of the oxygen inhalation hood, so that the oxygen distribution is uniform and the temperature rises. Avoid blowing oxygen directly to the baby. This design eliminates the noise generated by the airflow. The air guide valve is detachable for easy cleaning. Features: Arc streamlined design, clear and transparent, high gloss, uniform and stable oxygen concentration in the hood, to prevent children from losing body fluids