Maxair Obtained NIOSH's First Papr100-n Routine Certification

- Aug 24, 2020-

The approval of the maxair 2271pb-100 hood is the first permanent (regular) NIOSH approval granted by NIOSH to papr100-n classification. NIOSH's rapid approval is due to the high priority of PPE, which is particularly conducive to the containment and elimination of covid-19 work.

Irvine, California, August 5, 2020 / Xinhua metro / - another milestone in its unique pipeless PAPR (powered air purification respirator) based on the maxair system in Southern California, USA. Maxair PAPR continues to be the technical standard for user comfort and convenience, institutional cost-effectiveness, and overall safety of users, patients and colleagues.

The most significant advantage of the new papr100-n classification is the elimination of silica dust testing requirements and the introduction of mandatory full-time functional monitoring and indicators.

Maxair was classified by papr100-n and was approved by NIOSH for the first time.

One of the key innovations of the maxair system in terms of respiratory safety has been proved to be the visible HUD in the user's surrounding vision, which can alert the wearer to airflow and battery problems. When low air flow conditions are approaching (e.g., when the filter is heavily loaded), the yellow light of the maxair is on. In addition, with the decrease of battery life, the three green indicator lights of maxair will go out one by one until the red indicator lights up, indicating the urgent need to charge the battery.

Papr100-n shield of maxair improves production capacity, user comfort and safety through simple design. The new hood filter configuration improves airflow resistance, continuing the leading position of maxair as PAPR, which provides a quieter communication environment. Through hood's advanced fluid protection technology, users are equipped with the highest level of breathing, contact and fluid protection.

Hood's advanced design reduces manufacturing costs and the savings will be transferred to all customers.

The long-term driving force of maxair eliminates the requirements for silica dust testing in the medical environment, and simplifies the NIOSH response and covid-19 approval process. Maxair's new hood certification increases the availability of high-quality PPE for our front-line medical personnel. This is one of many steps taken by maxair systems to confirm the company's commitment to cracking down on covid-19.

In addition, the maxair PAPR offers two other fundamentally different mask and headgear configurations, the maxair cuff and the maxair shroud, each with several variations. All in all, the maxair PAPR system provides the best user-friendly configuration to meet the safety and convenience needs of employees, as well as the long-term cost advantage of the organization.

About maxair system

DBA maxair systems, biomedical equipment International Limited, is a recognized leader in the supply of NIOSH approved electric air purifying respirators (paprs) for a variety of environments, such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, dental, biological research, nuclear energy, industry. For 15 years, maxair systems has been providing innovative solutions to meet individual respiratory and contact problems that require users to achieve the highest levels of safety and comfort. Maxair systems is a state-of-the-art electric air purification respirator system that meets all OSHA loose installation (no installation testing) PAPR requirements. The maxair system can be used in many different environments where airborne pollutants are present. Maxair system promotes user compliance due to its unique comfort and convenience.