Inspection Points Of Air Respirator Before Use

- Oct 15, 2019-

As an isolated respiratory protective equipment, positive pressure air respirator is generally used in the environment with high oxygen or toxic gas concentration. Therefore, in order to ensure the effectiveness of positive pressure air respirator in the use process, we need to carry out safety inspection frequently. What are the key points of air respirator inspection?

1. Check whether the lens, strap, ring seal, exhalation valve and suction valve of the full cover of the positive pressure fire air respirator are in good condition, and whether the connection with the supply valve is firm. All parts of the overall cover shall be clean and free from dust, acid, alkali, oil and harmful substances. The lens shall be wiped clean.

2. Check whether the action of air respirator supply valve is flexible and whether the connection with medium pressure conduit is firm.

3. Whether the air supply pressure gauge of air respirator can indicate the pressure normally.

4. Check whether the back of the air respirator is intact and whether the suture of the left and right shoulder belts and the right and left waistbelts are broken.

5. Whether the air respirator cylinder assembly is fixed firmly, and whether the connection between the gas cylinder and the pressure reducer is firm and airtight.

6. Open the cylinder head valve of the air respirator. As the pressure in the pipeline and pressure reducing system increases, the short sound of the residual pressure alarm of the air source will be heard. After the cylinder head valve is fully opened, check that the pressure in the cylinder of the positive pressure fire air respirator should be within the range of 28 MPa to 30 MPa.

7. Check the air tightness of the whole positive pressure fire air respirator, open the bottle head valve for 2min, then close the bottle head valve, and observe that the pressure drop within 5min of the pressure gauge does not exceed 4mpm.

8. Check the matching of the full cover and the supply valve of the positive pressure fire air respirator, close the air inlet valve of the supply valve, wear the full cover to inhale, and the air inlet valve of the supply valve shall open automatically.