Inspection Of Air Respirator

- Oct 25, 2019-

As a special safety protective equipment, air respirator must be checked and inspected regularly according to the national requirements, which is an effective means to ensure the safety of safety protective equipment.

Air respirator belongs to high pressure vessel, which is the key point of the inspection of air defense articles. As a professional department in charge of gas protection articles, the gas protection center shall regularly rectify the air respirators that do not meet the specified standards in various units at the grass-roots level. If the air respirator is numbered in detail, regularly check whether the pressure gauge value of the gas cylinder meets the standard requirements, ensure that the air respirator is managed by a specially assigned person, replace the gas cylinder and fill it in time; after use, it must be restored to the technical state before use as soon as possible as required, and keep it in good condition; store the air respirator reasonably to keep it away from the influence of pollutants or corrosive chemicals.

According to the requirements of national standards, the main engine and gas cylinder of air respirator must be inspected every 3 years to ensure that the air respirator is in good standby state and avoid explosion accidents or air leakage.