How To Clean Long Tube Respirators

- Oct 30, 2019-

The long tube respirator is an isolated respiratory protection device. It is mainly composed of a gas mask, a long tube and other parts. When used, the air inlet end of the air tube should be placed in a fresh air environment without pollution, so that the operator can breathe fresh air. . Long-tube respirators are mostly used in harsh environments. To ensure the safety of repeated use, long-tube respirators must be cleaned after use and then sealed for storage.

In order to facilitate the cleaning, the long tube respirator should be split according to the components before cleaning, and it is mainly divided into two parts: the anti-virus mask and the air guiding tube. If the long-tube respirator is used for a long time or the working environment is harsh, it is necessary to remove all the components on the gas mask, such as the positive pressure joint and the breathing valve assembly, for disinfection. It should be noted that when cleaning the gas mask and airway tube, it should be cleaned with a neutral detergent aqueous solution. The water temperature should not exceed 49 degrees when cleaning. It can be cleaned with a clean soft brush. After a cleaning is completed, it is necessary to perform a second flush with clean warm water. Finally, place it in clean air and air dry. Never use a hair dryer to dry. After the parts are air-dried, they can be placed in a cool place and stored in a cool place.