How Long Can The Gas Mask Last?

- Oct 25, 2019-

How long does the gas mask last? This question is often asked. Many customers who purchase gas masks for the first time will ask the customers about the service life of the gas mask. For this problem, do a good job of the life of the gas mask today. Popularity, I hope to let more people understand this problem.

How long can a gas mask last? This should be divided into two aspects. One is the service life of the gas mask mask. The service life of the filter pieces is first. Let’s look at the gas mask mask. The general gas mask masks are all used. Made of rubber or silicone material, its performance is easily affected by the external environment and time. Take the rubber gas mask mask as an example. When the temperature is low, the rubber gas mask mask will lose its toughness, which will lead to hardening cracking, and finally the mask will not be able to Guaranteed good air tightness, thus losing the protective effect, must be eliminated, the general rubber gas mask has a service life of one year, and the silicone gas mask is better than the rubber gas mask, if it is properly preserved, it can be used for 1-2 years. 

Let's take a look at the service life of the filter. Let's first spread it to everyone. The filter of the gas mask is a consumable. We all know that the main part of the filter is filled with activated carbon. When the activated carbon can absorb the saturated gas. At that time, it is impossible to continue to absorb the poison gas. At this time, if the user of the gas mask feels that the respiratory resistance is obviously enlarged, or there is an odor in the air that is breathing, it means that the currently used canister cannot continue to absorb the poison gas. This use should be replaced with a new one. There is a direct relationship between the use time of the canister and the filter and the use environment. Therefore, it is impossible to determine the fixed use time. When using the gas mask, you should be vigilant. If you feel that the breathing is not smooth, you should immediately withdraw from the polluted environment.