Gas Mask Maintenance And Maintenance Methods

- Oct 05, 2019-

For frequently used gas masks such as dirt, wash with soapy water or 0.5% potassium permanganate solution. Do not use other chemical solutions. The gas mask should only be dried after washing. It is strictly prohibited to roast in the sun to avoid damage to the gas mask rubber. component;

Gas mask maintenance

Maintenance and maintenance of the gas mask filter: After each use, the cover of the filter should be screwed on, the rubber bottom plug is plugged, the seal is kept, and the service life is prolonged. Before use, check the rubber gasket inside the gas mask for defects. Do not press it to avoid deformation.

Gas masks should be stored in a clean, dry, oil-free, direct sunlight-free and non-corrosive atmosphere. Room temperature is required to be 5-30 degrees. If not used frequently, it is recommended to store the mask in a sealed bag. Pressure deformation.

The gas mask bag is banned from foreign objects to avoid bumping and scratching the lens. At the same time, the foreign matter inside the bag may block the suction hole, resulting in increased respiratory resistance; it should be kept by a special person.

Gas mask storage and transportation:

1. Handle with care, do not put it on or off, and prevent the gas mask from colliding and bumping and shaking.

2. The gas mask is away from heat and flammable materials. It is heat-proof, moisture-proof and sun-proof. It should not be in contact with acid-base oils and other corrosive agents to maintain a good seal.

3, must be stored in a dry and well-ventilated warehouse, to maintain the distance from the wall, roof, ground, the room temperature requires 5-30 degrees.

4. The filter parts of the gas mask, such as the filter box, have a valid reporting period of five years under normal conditions, and the first-grade filter is three years. If the time limit is exceeded, it should be checked whether it is valid. After the identification, the gas mask judges its performance and can extend the validity period.