Correct Use Of Gas Masks

- Oct 05, 2019-

Now Taobao and other shopping platforms have sales of gas masks, but you must not choose those outrageous online shop purchases with low price of gas masks, and buy gas masks to grasp the correct use of gas masks in the first time to ensure the safety of gas masks. Sex.

Correct use of gas masks

First, check before use

1. Check that the gas mask and the filter cartridge are in good condition and are not damaged.

2. Check that the filter cartridge has not expired, no moisture, no rust.

3. Check the air tightness of the complete gas mask. Connect the mask to the canister. After wearing the mask, block the air inlet of the filter box with your hand and take in deep air. If there is no air, the gas mask is dense, otherwise it should be repaired or replaced.

Second, how to use it correctly

1. The gas mask is suitable for places where the oxygen concentration in the air is not less than 18%. Therefore, it should be checked before use to confirm that the oxygen content in the air of the poison zone meets the requirements.

2. Check that the gas mask body and the filter cartridge filter are not damaged, and the filter cartridge is within the validity period.

3. Install a gas mask. If the gas mask is equipped with filter cotton, install the filter cotton on the filter cartridge first, and then install the gas mask body after assembly. Pay attention to the direction of rotation when installing the filter cartridge. Generally, it can be stuck clockwise on the corresponding buckle of the mask.

4, wearing a mask. When wearing a gas mask, you should pause your breathing, close your eyes, and put your thumb on both sides. Hold the mask on both sides of the mask and open the mask. Put your gas mask on the head from the bottom up with both hands evenly, and adjust the cover. It is in close contact with the face.

5. Check the gas mask for air tightness. After wearing the mask, block the suction port of the filter box by hand and inhale deeply, check the airtightness of the mask, and then open the air inlet of the filter box to resume normal breathing.

6, the effective time of the use of the filter cartridge is not absolute. When there is a special smell in the mask, it means that the filter cartridge loses its filtering effect and should be replaced in time.

7. If you feel difficulty breathing or feel uncomfortable during use, you should immediately withdraw from the poison zone and replace the gas mask. It is strictly forbidden to remove the mask in the poison zone.

8. When removing the anti-virus mask, the wearer should retreat to the upper position of the poisonous area. Hold the wind and use the right hand to grasp the mask and apply force downwards to remove the mask from the bottom up.

9. Do not use gas masks in confined spaces such as tanks and tanks.

Third, the correct way to maintain and maintain the gas mask:

The gas mask should be stored in a dry, clean, airy place to prevent moisture and overheating while the filter cartridge should be sealed.