Choose A Gas Mask Method

- Oct 20, 2019-

1. We should purchase through regular channels, and check the relevant documents of the company when purchasing. Pay attention to the product's logo when purchasing, check the implementation standard number, product use instructions, production date, etc. At the same time, please pay attention to check whether the purchased gas mask is deformed and whether the appearance is stained. If this happens, you should request a replacement.

2, when purchasing a filter-type gas mask set, you should pay attention to choose the filter material that suits you. The different filter elements for protecting toxic and harmful substances are also different. For example, the No. 8 canister can only protect hydrogen sulfide, and other toxic and harmful substances can not be protected. If you want to protect other substances, you can not buy the No. 8 canister.

3. In the gas mask, it is necessary to choose a gas mask that matches your face. If we can buy a gas mask for a certain product, we can try it first. If the gas mask and the face can be closely fitted, the air tightness is good. You can buy it.