Three key points for air respirator maintenance

- Oct 15, 2019-

First, the air breathing apparatus keeps the full face mirror clean and tidy

When the air breathing apparatus is not used for a long time, the operator needs to maintain and maintain it regularly to maintain its normal function. In the maintenance, it is necessary to first check the full face of the air respirator. It is mainly necessary to keep the full face lens clean. In addition to the dust on the lens, other toxic and corrosive substances need to be cleaned up in time. The mirror is neat and tidy.

Second, to ensure the flexibility of key valves

There are two key valves in the air respirator that require regular maintenance. These two valves are the intake and exhalation valves. Both valves have a direct impact on the use of the air respirator, so the operator needs to regularly check in. Check the gas and exhalation valves to ensure that the switches of the two valves remain flexible and the connection between the valves and the valves is stable.

Third, the gas density needs to remain normal

The most important thing to maintain the air respirator is to keep the gas density normal. The method of detection can be opened by opening the bottle valve. As the pressure in the decompression system rises, the air source alarm will emit a short sound, and the operator needs to After the bottle head valve is opened, the air pressure in the cylinder is detected to ensure that the pressure value of the respirator is within the normal range.

Precautions after using the air breathing apparatus:

1) After use, first push the neck buckle on the left and right sides of the bottom to push forward, loosen the neck strap, and then release the headband to remove the mask from the bottom up.

2) Turn the air supply valve knob to close the air supply valve.

3) Pinch the male lock and withdraw the female buckle.

4) Disengage the shoulder strap, remove the instrument from the back, and close the cylinder valve.