The main points of long tube respirators used in summer

- Oct 05, 2019-

Long-tube respirators should be used in summer to prevent high temperatures in the air. In summer, the weather is hot and the temperature rises. In order to ensure the user's comfort, the long-tube respirator should be placed in a cool place when using the long-tube respirator, or the cooling measures should be taken for some long tubes. It can minimize the temperature of the user's breathing air and will not cause discomfort due to breathing high temperature gas.

In the summer, long-tube respirators should be waterproofed. The weather changes frequently in summer, and showers often occur. In order to prevent rain from entering the long-tube respirators, the long-tube respirators should be placed at high places and the electric blowers should be well prepared. Corresponding rain protection preparation.

It is best not to use long tube respirators for long periods of time in summer. High temperature in summer may cause some ventilated long tubes to soften and produce odor, which may cause allergies to some people. Long-term use of long-tube respirators will increase the burden on users because they carry tubes.