The choice of respiratory protection products should be cautious

- Oct 20, 2019-

With the continuous development of the society, the respiratory protection products in the security market are becoming more and more diversified. In order to ensure the safety of the operators themselves, care must be taken when selecting respiratory protection products, and it is forbidden to choose cheaply or save trouble.

So how to choose a good respiratory protection product, we need to consider the following factors.

1, effectiveness. The effectiveness of respiratory protection products is mainly reflected in the following two aspects: one is the ability of respiratory protection products to provide clean air for breathing; the other is the ability to isolate clean air and externally polluted air inside the mask.

Here we need to focus on the latter, relying on the protective mask and the user's face. A straightforward and effective method of judging the fit of a mask is the suitability test, which is to verify the adhesion of the mask to the face of each particular user. When selecting a mask, firstly, according to the number provided by each mask, a rough selection can be made according to the size of the face, and then it can be confirmed by the suitability test.

2. Applicability. Different types of respiratory protection products are used differently. If the workplace is particularly polluted, it is necessary to use the isolated respiratory protection equipment, and the general contaminated work site can use the filter gas mask.

The above two points are the most important factors to consider when choosing respiratory protection products. Of course, in addition to the selection of respiratory protection products, other factors such as price and comfort should be considered, and all aspects should be comprehensively determined to determine the most cost-effective one.