Proper use of long tube gas mask

- Oct 15, 2019-

Precautions for use:

1. Check whether the mask exhalation valve and inhalation valve are flexible and easy to use before use, and perform air tightness test.

2. The self-priming long tube shall not be longer than 10 meters, and there shall be no foreign matter in the long tube;

3. The use of long-tube gas masks should be guarded by special personnel;

4 The long tube should be kept straight and should not be entangled, squeezed, flattened, trampled, and slammed to make it in a smooth state;

5. The air inlet end of the air duct must be placed on the windward side away from the toxic place to ensure the intake of fresh air during use;

6. If you feel uncomfort during use, you should leave the poisonous area immediately. It is strictly forbidden to take the mask in the poisonous area.

7. If your beard, facial hair or other reasons, the face and the mask should not be in good contact. Do not wear this mask.