Precautions for using long tube respirators in winter

- Oct 10, 2019-

In winter, the temperature is cold and cold, especially in the north. The outdoor temperature can reach minus ten or less degrees. In long-term use of long-tube respirators in such a harsh environment, it is necessary to pay attention to some related operational matters. Some precautions for tube respirators.

Long-tube respirators should be used in winter:

1. The low temperature in winter makes it easy to affect the performance of plastic materials such as long tubes. Therefore, the long tube is stored in time after using the long tube respirator outdoors to prevent prolonged overcooling.

2. The temperature of the winter air is relatively low. If it is directly supplied to the user, it may affect the user's comfort. Therefore, it is best to put the long-tube respirator air inlet into the room to increase the temperature of the breathing air.

3. In winter, long-tube respirators should pay attention to the fogging of the mask lens. It is best to use a breathing mask with anti-fogging lens.

4. Long-tube respirators in winter should be idling for a period of time before starting the electric blower to preheat the motor.