Misunderstandings in the use of long tube respirators

- Oct 10, 2019-

Among the many respiratory protection products such as gas masks, long tube respirators, air respirators, oxygen respirators, etc., long tube respirators are the most popular, as isolated full-closed protective respirators, long-tube respirators using self-priming or electric The air supply does not need to be carried on the user like the air call or the oxygen call, which reduces the burden on the user, and does not need to consider the concentration of toxic and harmful gases and the oxygen content in the working environment like a gas mask. Long tube respirators are loved for their many advantages. However, long tube respirators are not absolutely safe, and people need to pay attention to some misunderstandings during use to make them better.

First, wearing a long tube respirator can go to a very distant place to work, how far you want to go. This is one of the common misunderstandings. Whether it is a self-priming long-tube respirator or a supply-type long-tube respirator, the working distance is too long, which may cause serious consequences of insufficient gas supply. Haigu recommends that long-tube self-priming long-tube respirators should not exceed 15 meters long, and air-supply type should not exceed 25 meters, especially when multiple people use them at the same time.

Second, some users agree that the long tube respirator delivers oxygen. The actual long tube respirator uses the blower to deliver clean air to the person's breathing. Therefore, the long tube respirator cannot be used as a first aid to supply oxygen to the hypoxic patient. Breathe,

Third, there is a gas mask, you can use it with a tube. Many people think so in order to save costs. The long tube is the key component of gas transportation. The safe long tube can deliver safe air to you. There are harmful substances or toxic gases in their own right, which will cause serious harm to you. Therefore, it is also important to choose a safe and non-toxic pipe.