Maintenance and maintenance of double-tank air supply mask

- Oct 29, 2020-

When wearing the mask, wear it from the chin up, and then adjust the headband appropriately. After wearing the mask, block the air inlet of the canister with the palm of your hand and inhale forcefully. If the mask is close to the face and does not leak, it means that the mask has been worn. You can enter the poisoned area to work.

After using the mask, wipe off all sweat and dirt, especially the lens, exhalation valve, and inhalation valve to keep clean. If necessary, use water to rinse the mask area and wipe clean the canister.

If used in an environment with infectious viruses, the mask and canister can be wiped, cleaned and disinfected with 1% peracetic acid disinfectant. If necessary, the mask can be soaked in 1% peracetic acid disinfectant, but the canister should not be soaked. To prevent water failure. After the mask is disinfected by the disinfectant, it should be wiped with clean water and dried before use.