Long tube respirator configuration

- Oct 05, 2019-

Long tube respirator consists of: 4 or 2 carbon fiber cylinders (optional 4.7 liter, 6.8 liter, 9 liter cylinder)

1. Can be used together by two people to ensure long-term operation

2. It can replace the gas source in time without affecting the operation, saving time

3. Medium-pressure conduit specification equipment: the length of the main conduit is 40 meters, and the length of the two branch conduits is 10 meters.

4. The total length of the medium pressure conduit can be extended to 90 meters according to the demand, and the gas supply is still comfortable and smooth.

5. Soft connection between high-pressure hoses to avoid accidents, useful to avoid damage to joints caused by inadvertent collision or friction

6. Large flow output pressure reducing valve to ensure adequate respiratory flow

7. Stainless steel cart for enhanced corrosion resistance

8. Common stainless steel foot brakes can be stopped at 30 degrees on the ground

9. Fit specification: Q/SHBY01-2007 "Mobile long tube respirator"