Long tube respirator classification

- Oct 25, 2019-

A long-tube respirator is one of the isolated air respirators that isolates the user's respiratory organs from the air in the surrounding environment and supplies a protective device that cleans the breathable air to the user through a long tube. Mainly for people to protect the respiratory system, mostly used in confined spaces, in limited space, such as tower tank cleaning, sewer cleaning, fermentation tanks, garbage stations, granaries. Due to the different environments, the long tube respirators we use are different. Let's take a look at the classification of long tube respirators.

Long tube respirators can be divided into three types: 1, self-priming long tube respirators, continuous air supply long tube respirators, high pressure air supply long tube respirators

Self-priming long-tube respirators are long-tube respirators that rely on their own breathing to get fresh, clean air. Haigu Xiaobian reminds everyone that the length of the long tube of the self-priming long tube respirator should not be too long.

The continuous air supply long tube respirator is the opposite of the self-priming long tube respirator. It uses a fan to deliver fresh, clean air to the user.

A high-pressure air-storing long-tube respirator is a long-tube respirator that delivers clean air to a user through a high-pressure gas cylinder.