Introduction of 3M anti-virus mask

- Nov 05, 2019-

The 3m anti-virus mask is divided into a filter-type gas mask and a barrier-type gas mask to protect the respiratory organs.

Wear it on your head, protect your breathing organs, eyes and face, and avoid personal chemicals from poisons, biological warfare agents, toxic agents, bacterial weapons, and radioactive dust. The gas mask is used as a personal protective device to provide effective protection to the respiratory organs, eyes and facial skin of people. The mask consists of a mask, an air duct and a canister. The mask can be directly connected to the canister, and the air duct may be connected to the canister. The gas mask can be used in various types of canisters according to the protection requirements, and is used in chemical, warehouse, scientific research, various toxic and harmful working environments.

According to the principle of protection, it can be divided into 3m filter anti-virus mask and 3m barrier gas mask.

13M filtered anti-virus mask. Consists of a 3M mask and a 3M cartridge (or filter element). The mask includes a cover, an eye window, a talker, a breathing shutter, and a headband (or helmet). The 3M canister is used to purify the poisoned air, and contains the filter layer and the sorbent. The two materials can also be mixed into a filter plate and assembled into a filter element. The lighter (about 200 grams) canister or filter element can be directly attached to the mask, and the heavier canister is connected to the mask through the airway.

23M barrier gas mask. The mask itself supplies oxygen, which is divided into a gas storage type, an oxygen storage type, and a student oxygen type. Barrier masks are mainly used in high-concentration exposure to air (volume concentrations greater than 1%) or in special occasions such as anoxic high altitude, underwater or closed compartments.


In addition to the above two gas masks, many countries are equipped with a variety of special gas masks. It replaces the sorbent in the canister or improves the partial structure based on the 3M filter gas mask. Modern gas masks are effective against toxic agents, biological warfare agents and radioactive dust that may appear on the battlefield. Some of its components have been reduced to about 0.6 kilograms, and it can last for more than 8 hours. It is more convenient to use optical, communication devices and weapons after wearing a gas mask.

The full-face cover body made of high-quality silica gel is anti-aging, anti-allergic, easy to use and easy to clean.