How to use the filter gas mask

- Oct 15, 2019-

1. When using the mask, wear it from the chin, and then adjust the headband properly. After wearing the mask, use the palm of your hand to block the air inlet of the filter cartridge and inhale. If the mask and the face are close to each other, there is no air leakage. Wearing airtight, you can work in dangerous drug-related areas.

2. After using the mask, wipe off all parts of sweat and dirt, especially the lens, exhalation valve, and keep the suction valve clean. If necessary, rinse the mask with water and wipe the filter box clean.

3. If used in a virus environment with infectious nature, the mask and the filter box can be wiped with 1% peroxy-acid disinfectant, cleaned and disinfected. If necessary, the mask can be immersed in 1% peracetic acid disinfectant, but the filter The box should not be soaked or filled with water to prevent failure. And after disinfection with disinfectant, wipe with water, dry and use.