How to use mobile long tube respirators

- Oct 30, 2019-

How to use the mobile long tube respirator, the long tube respirator that can be moved for long distance movement, the mobile long tube respirator and the general self-priming long tube respirator and There is a big difference between the electric air-supply long-tube respirators, and how to use the mobile long-tube respirators.

After receiving the mobile long tube respirator, we first observed that the mobile long tube respirator is equipped with a cart with a pressure gauge, a carbon fiber composite gas cylinder (which can be divided into 2 bottles and 4 bottles according to specifications), and ventilation. Long tube and gas mask. If you observe it, you can find that the long tube of the mobile long tube respirator is a black and slender hose. The inner diameter is much smaller than the general air supply long tube respirator, and the cart can be found. The pressure reducer is loaded on the top, because the air source of the mobile long tube respirator is the compressed air in the seven bottles instead of the external air. The air in the cylinder must be decompressed if it is to be breathed. To configure the pressure reducer.

From the structure we can see that the mobile long tube respirator is closer to the positive pressure air respirator. Therefore, the method of use is similar to that of a positive pressure air respirator. Check whether the components are intact before use. Determine whether there is sufficient air in the cylinder, whether the ventilating tube is broken or not. After the inspection, wear the gas mask, connect the air supply valve, open the cylinder valve, connect the air supply valve and the pressure reducer, so that The mobile work is carried out, and since the gas cylinder is loaded in the cart, long-distance movement work can be realized.