How to distinguish dust masks and gas masks

- Oct 05, 2019-

Many people confuse dust masks with gas masks. In fact, this is not true. Although it is only a word difference, the product difference is too big. Dust masks are one of the most widely used types in daily work. They are usually divided into two categories according to their structure and working principle: air filter masks and air supply masks. The air filter mask, or simply the filter mask, works by filtering the air containing the harmful substances through the filter material of the mask and then inhaling it; the gas mask is a clean air source that will isolate the harmful substances. Through the power action such as air compressor, compressed gas cylinder device, etc., the tube and the mask are sent to the person's face for breathing.

So what do we often call a gas mask is a dust mask? What is the difference between a dust mask and a gas mask?

In the simplest terms, it can be understood that the dust mask can only be dust-proof. The gas mask can protect against toxic gases, absorb odors, and has stronger protective performance. The full face mask can protect the respiratory system, face, eyes and so on. This is the specific difference between a dust mask and a gas mask. Please be cautious.

The advantages of the gas mask relative to the dust mask: a. The sealing performance is stronger, because the mask has a large mask on the face and the elastic headband is fixed; b. The protective performance is wider, and the gas mask not only has the function of filtering dust particles, but also combines Different filter cartridges can also effectively prevent toxic gases (such as trace metals, acid and organic gases in automobile exhaust); c. low cost of use, gas masks only need to be replaced regularly with filter cotton or filter cartridges, and can be used again. And the single-piece filter cotton is used longer than the dust mask; d. The filter effect is better, the filter cotton and the dust mask are the same, and are also divided into KN90 and KN95 type, but the gas mask of the gas mask has P100 type, filtering The effect is more than 99% e. The air permeability is better, the gas mask is equipped with 1~2 exhalation valves, and the dust mask generally does not have an exhalation valve or at most one exhalation valve.

Disadvantages of gas mask: a. The gas mask is heavier, because there are more gas mask accessories, so the head has a certain weight bearing feeling; b. It is not convenient to carry, the dust mask can be folded and placed in the sealed bag, and anti-virus The mask is bulky; c. The relative dust mask is not beautiful enough. In order to increase the exhalation space and the filtering effect inside the mask, the gas mask has a similar appearance to the pig's mouth.