How much do you know about gas masks?

- Oct 25, 2019-

As personal protective equipment, gas mask is used to provide effective protection for respiratory organs, eyes and facial skin. So how much do you know about gas masks? Let's have a look

1. It is necessary to select the right type of gas mask and make sure which kind of gas the gas is, the concentration of the poison in the air, the oxygen content in the air and the temperature. Special attention should be paid to the range and time specified by the canister of the protective mask. When the oxygen concentration is lower than 19%, it is forbidden to use negative pressure gas mask;

2. Before using the gas mask, it should be checked carefully to see whether all parts are complete, whether there is any abnormal situation, whether the connecting part is connected, and whether the air tightness of the whole mask is particularly good

3. For the workers who want to use gas masks in their work, we need to have special training for them so that they can correctly function gas masks. When using gas masks, we should choose a more appropriate mask, keep the air flow in the mask smooth, and quickly wear your gas mask in the toxic environment.

4. When your gas mask fails to work, you should take the following emergency measures and leave the toxic area immediately.

5. Before each use, the air tightness test must be carried out, and the accessories shall be checked to see if there is any aging trace, if the key accessories are complete; after each use, the cleaning and maintenance shall be carried out in time; the accumulated use time shall be recorded; the poison box and filter cotton shall be replaced in time.