How is the mask of the gas mask anti-fog?

- Nov 05, 2019-

The main reason for the fogging of the gas mask is that the warm gas in the eye area of the gas mask shows the condensation of water vapor on the surface of the relatively cold lens. In the actual operation, the fog on the surface screen will bring the workers no. Convenience. To this end, scientists have studied the anti-fog skills of various lenses to prevent fogging of the screen.

1. Structural lens anti-fog can eliminate water vapor condensation conditions, and will not show the temperature inside the lens is lower than the condensation temperature of the water vapor condensation in the screen or window, including the temperature inside and outside the lens.

2. Materialized lens anti-fog skills, according to the composition of the water mist, that is, the use of hydrophilic or hydrophobic chemicals to form a droplet of water vapor. The anti-fog effect of the Haigu gas mask is due to the anti-fog coating on the surface of the polycarbonate.

3. Artificial lens anti-fog method, remove the formed fog, and directly wipe the water vapor droplets on the lens through manual intervention. Following the continuous development and use of my national defense mask, the anti-fog skills of gas masks have also been put forward, and comprehensive anti-fog skills have gradually become the mainstream development trend.