Gas mask use emergency measures

- Oct 20, 2019-

The gas mask is currently a familiar personal safety protection device. It is mainly used to protect the human respiratory organs from infringement, and can provide effective protection to the wearer's eye and face. It is widely used in fire protection, chemical industry, smelting, etc. Various fields.

Due to the special environment of the gas mask, it is mainly used in the environment of toxic and harmful gases, and the working environment is relatively bad. Once the gas mask is used, it will directly threaten the life safety of the operator. Therefore, if the gas mask fails, it should be evacuated from the work area in time. And take appropriate emergency measures according to the situation. Here we will introduce several emergency measures for the use of gas masks.

1. The mask of the gas mask is damaged, and it should be immediately squeezed by hand to prevent the poison gas from inhaling into the body;

2. If the exhalation valve on the gas mask is faulty, use the finger to block the hole of the exhalation valve, release the hand when exhaling, and block it by hand when inhaling;

3. If the hood on the gas mask is seriously damaged, you can pinch the nose and directly put the canister in your mouth and use a canister to breathe;

4. It is necessary to remind everyone that if the mask of the gas mask is damaged, leaking, aging, or the exhalation valve is broken, such a gas mask will be scrapped and cannot be reused. Also, when using the gas mask in the work area, it is difficult to breathe, or there are other symptoms such as dizziness and nausea, and you can smell the poison. You must immediately evacuate from the work area and avoid being in the poison zone. It is not possible to remove the mask of the gas mask.