Electric air supply long tube respirator safe use

- Oct 30, 2019-

The air supply long tube respirator is mainly composed of three parts: an electric blower, a long air duct, and a breathing mask. The perfect combination of these three parts can provide a steady stream of fresh air to the workers, effectively blocking the entry of toxic and harmful gases and particulate dust into the human body, endangering human safety and health. So how to safely and correctly use the electric air supply long tube respirator?


1. Safety inspection work is essential before use. Whether the airtightness of the breathing mask is good, whether the connection between the long tube and the mask is tight, and whether the power supply has poor contact, etc., these problems need to be strictly checked, and there must be no omission.

2. Wear a mask safely and orderly during use. Do not rush into the buckle of the appropriate length at one end of the mask, and tighten the belt to secure the long tube to the belt to prevent dragging. It affects the wearing of the mask when it is worn. In addition, collision and friction should be avoided as much as possible to avoid scratching the surface of the lens.

3. The cleaning and storage of long tube respirators is also very important, directly affecting the secondary use and service life. Be careful to wipe the mask and long tube clean after each use, and if necessary, disinfect and clean it, dry it and put it in the storage box. The storage environment should be kept dry, ventilated and protected from heat.

4. The air supply long tube respirator should be kept by a special person and checked regularly. If problems are found, they should be repaired or replaced in time.