Comparison of air respirators and long tube respirators

- Oct 20, 2019-

Although both air respirators and long tube respirators are isolated respiratory protective equipment, there are obvious differences and gaps in structure and price between them. What are the characteristics of both respirators? Which is better or worse? As a professional manufacturer of respirators for labor protection users, we will explain the characteristics of these two kinds of respirators.

First of all, let's look at the structure and basic principles of these two kinds of respirators. The full name of the air respirator is self-contained positive pressure air respirator. The model is generally rhzk or rhzkf, which means personal fire respiratory protective equipment. The air respirator is composed of a complete respirator cover, an air flow switch air supply valve, a pressure reducer, a back plate and a carbon fiber composite gas cylinder. When using the air respirator, open the air flow switch on the air supply valve and the valve on the gas cylinder, and the high-pressure air will enter the pressure reducer through the air pipe to reduce the pressure, and the gas after reducing the pressure will enter the mask through the air supply valve, so as to provide for people Breathing. The long pipe respirator is composed of a respirator mask, a long ventilation pipe and an electric blower. When using the long pipe respirator, the electric blower draws in the outside air, and transmits the gas to the respirator through the long ventilation pipe for people to breathe. The long ventilation pipe is equipped with an air flow regulating valve, which can control the size of the air flow.

After understanding the structure and basic principles of these two kinds of respirators, it is easy to find the difference between their characteristics. The air respirator is compressed air after decompression, which is provided by the cylinder on its back. Once the gas in the cylinder is consumed, it cannot breathe. The long tube respirator is the external gas that breathes through the electric blower, and the gas is not compressed As long as the electric blower works continuously, the long tube respirator can provide breathing air all the time. This is one of the differences between the two kinds of respirators, and the air source is different. Another point is that the air respirator can move freely because of its own air source and ventilation device, while the long tube respirator is limited by the long tube of ventilation. In the process of moving, people must ensure the connection of the long tube, which is inconvenient to move.