Always wear a long tube respirator when sewage treatment

- Oct 10, 2019-

On January 4, three patients with gas poisoning were being rescued in the emergency room of the First Hospital of Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province. However, one person died in the end. The three were poisoned by inhaling hydrogen sulfide gas. The accident occurred in Jiaxing Xinyi. In a paper mill, the person who died was Mu Shifu. At the time of the incident, the paper mill was shut down for maintenance. The master was responsible for sewage treatment. He was also repairing equipment and working in the desulfurization tower. The cause of the accident may be hydrogen sulfide in the desulfurization tower. This leads to poisoning of personnel.

Hydrogen sulfide is a common topic in our life. Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless gas, but it has a unique smell of rotten eggs. It is also easy to be noticed, but it is not absolute. It is introduced by doctors when the concentration of hydrogen sulfide gas is extremely high. In high cases, people's sense of smell will soon be unspeakable because of fatigue. When people inhale hydrogen sulfide, they will first damage the respiratory system, which will severely stimulate the central nervous system. Exposure to high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide may cause respiratory arrest within a few minutes.

Hydrogen sulfide is a common toxic and harmful gas in sewage treatment. The source of hydrogen sulfide in sewage is mainly produced by the sulfur-decomposed sewage and waste water, and the concentration of hydrogen sulfide is higher when industrial sewage and wastewater are treated, for example. The paper mills we mentioned above, such as chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, etc. In the case of sewage treatment, it is recommended to use isolated breathing protection equipment. Xiaobian recommends the use of air-supply long-tube respirators and air compressor long-tube respirators to isolate harmful gases from the respiratory system, and the air supply type makes breathing safer. Avoid poisoning. The New Year is approaching, and breathing protection is both to protect yourself and to reassure your family.