Sandblasting Helmet

Sandblasting Helmet

Product Name: Air supply sandblasting helmet
Type: PS1
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Product Details

PS1 sandblasting helmet,helmet with tippet integration. The tippet materials is nylon with PVC composite. Helmet materials is glass fiber reinforced with PP composite. The product materials light and sandblasting shock resistance, corrosion resistance, climate change resistance etc.

The helmet provides double-deck wide window. Inner plastic lens is PC, Outer is glass lens or plastic lens. selecting suitable outer lens according to different work environment. unique design, it doesn't enter dust between double-deck lens , replace lens easily. replace the lenses only took out the four hand screws on the lens frame, it doesn't with the help of any tools.

A breathing tube inside helmet, with special air flow design can provide fog proof design in both sides and head and face protection, adjustable headband, it can wear myopic lenses or other lenses inside helmet, comfortable and safe in wearing.

the helmet is molding in one , with whole seal. it's suitable for sandblasting, polish, dustproof, chemical spilling, paint spraying and so on.

It can be used together with respirator type PRF-102R, PRF-103R , PRF-104H or other air supply. Helmet air inlet have multiple different size choice, equip rotary union. The helmet materials light, suitable for long time work indefatigability.

PS1 helmet overall weight: 800g.

Window size:

Inner plastic lens size: 175x120mm

Outer glass lens or plastic lens size: 170x115mm

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