▲ Our History

Our company was found in 2004, is a company specializing in the production and sales of respiratory protection.

The company has a group of specialists engaged in the safety sciences for many years, who have developed various filtering materials especially for Baoerfu respirators which are suitable for various dusty and poisonous conditions.

Away from dust and poison, love and care for life. Baoerfu, aggressive and challenging, is willing to develop more and better products to contribute to the occupational health and safety for both China and the world.

▲ Our Factory

The Company is a production and sale of respiratory protection of one manufacturer .

▲ Our Product

The main production powered air purifying respirator, powered air purifying auto darkening welding helmet, long tube respirator, sandblasting helmet, gas full mask and dust full mask.


▲ Scope of Application

1. Exploitation of sundry minerals or mines.

2. Crushing, sifting and delivery of ores in metallurgy.

3. Sand molding, cast sand removing and spraying in mechanical manufacture.

4. Mining for the production of refractory materials, such as glass, cement, and stones; breaking up, milling, sifting, blending, mining and delivery of asbestos in building material manufacture.

5. Pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical and pesticide handling, dusty and hazard labs.

6. Protection from respiratory infections,like germs、viruses.

7. Channel caving and explosive operation in the building of highways, railways, irrigation works, hydroelectricity constructions and so on.

▲ Our Certificate

Test report of China , CE certificate, Patents of China

▲ Production Equipment

Production Equipment: injection molding machine, ultrasonic welder, oscilloscope, chemical analyzer and so on.

▲ Production Market

Production market: China, Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Middle East

▲ Our Service

Provide training of video, term of service : one year warranty.