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SHENYANG BAOERFU TECHNOLOG CO., LTD. The company has a group of specialists engaged in the safety sciences for many years, who have developed various filtering materials especially for Baoerfu respirators which are suitable for various dusty and poisonous conditions. Why Choose Us Advancde Process Strong Team Professional Assistance Service First

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    • Powered Air Purifying Respirator Mask

      Powered Air Purifying Respirator Mask

      Technical parameters and configuration list of Baoerfu powered air purifying respirator (model: PRF-103RM3) Prf-103rm3 consists of main engine, breathing tube and head hood. Host waterproof design, stand up to rigorous cleaning and disinfection, can spray disinfection, splash, can use at the...

    • Supplied Air Hood Systems

      Supplied Air Hood Systems

      Weight: 300g.
      It must be used together with PRF102R, PRF-103R or PRF-104H respirator.

    • Novel Coronavirus Protective Equipment

      Novel Coronavirus Protective Equipment

      Product Name:Novel coronavirus protective Equipment